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Bikini $25 Bikini Plus $35 (includes inner buttocks) 

Full Leg /Bikini $58 Full leg /Brazilian $65&up Full Leg $55 

Bikini upper-lower leg $45 Half Leg upper-lower $30 

 Full Arms / Under Arms $30 Underarms $22

  Face Wax $25 (includes lip chin sideburns forehead)

Brazilian $68 Brow Wax $20 

Small Areas $10 (lip upper lower chin sideburns ears nostrils hand feet misc.)

Mens Wax 

Back $45 Chest $35 & Up

Shoulders Arms $25 

All other areas price applies to waxing list above

Brow Henna Tattoo

$25(Full Set)

$18 ( Retouch /Fade after 1 week)

(All Natural No Needles No Down Time)

*Recommended for faded tattoos no brow hair or brow balding *


Lash Services

Lash /Brow Tint $16

TINTDUO lash & brow $27

TINTCOMBO lash brow & brow shape $35

Non- Permanent Lashes

Semi Lashes $20

application included

Just Lash (Reusable Apx. 2 weeks) $35

application included

( lash services must be 18 years of age)